One of my guilty pleasures is to watch the new Star Wars movie television series spinoff, The Mandalorian. The sci-fi show is like an old school Spaghetti Western, a popular genre of American fiction where a gunslinging loner travels the countryside on a horse imposing law and righteousness on the wicked. Although this show is futuristic, the basic premise is the same. Instead of a horse, the Mandalorian gets around in a spaceship. Instead of a six-shooter, the Mandalorian has a ray gun. Instead of a Native American sidekick, the Mandalorian has Grogu.

The lead character of the first ever live-action Star Wars television series is the Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal. But, the real star of the show is “The Child,” a five million dollar puppet who loving fans call Baby Yoda, but whose real name we now know is Grogu. I’m here to tell you, Grogu is a G.

Grogu beats to his own drum

I don’t want give away spoilers or reveal the intricacies of the series. But I do want you to know that Grogu could give two f@cks about following the rules. Grogu is a rebel and he beats to his own drum. Grogu is a mother loving pimp!

Grogu uses the force to crush his enemies

Afterwards, Grogu sips tea

Grogu will take your cookies from you and eat them

Baby Yoda stealing cookies

Then throw up all over himself with no shame

Grogu will chase down a frog

Then put him down the hatchet like it ain’t no thang

Baby Yoda eating a frog

You better not leave your unhatched eggs around Grogu either

frog lady shows Grogu her eggs (babies)

He’ll smash them too!

Baby yoda eats frog lady's eggs

Every now and then, Grogu might get caught slippin’ in the wrong hood

Grogu caught slippin in the wrong hood

But he gets right back to trappin’

Grogu pimp walkin

That’s right Grogu is a mother loving pimp! End of Story!

Thug life Grogu with sunglasses on and a spliff in his mouth